We are happy to present the 2024 #ircpuzzles April Fool's Puzzle Competition on Libera.Chat! It has begun!

To begin, please join #ircpuzzles-2024-afpc-01 with key "puzzle"

Most IRC clients should let you join with the command: /join #ircpuzzles-2024-afpc-01 puzzle

The theme this year is "best of #ircpuzzles"

Please join us in #ircpuzzles on Libera.Chat for announcements, and in #ircpuzzles-chat for fun!

Tips on how to play are available at: https://blog.ircpuzzles.org/tips.html

Rules are available at: https://blog.ircpuzzles.org/rules.html

Updated: 2024-04-01 by 'yano'