This is a running and non-comprehensive list of "Guidelines" or things to know that can help out.

  • Answers are keys to the channel of the next level.
  • Once you think you have solved it, /join #ircpuzzles-2020-afpc-levelXX ANSWER_HERE. Replace 'XX' with the next level you are attempting to get to.
    • For example, if "HELLO" is the answer to Level 01, then you want to try, /join #ircpuzzles-2020-afpc-level02 HELLO
  • All levels will always start with #ircpuzzles-2020-afpc-levelXX, where XX is the level number, as in 01 for the first level.
  • Channel keys are NOT case-sensitive.
  • The official channels will be registered to the IRC account of ircpuzzles.
  • freenode channel names are NOT case sensitive.
  • The clue is, by itself, the main puzzle for each level.
  • The hints are to help point you in the right direction with the clue.


  • The ircpuzzles account has the cloak @ircpuzzles/official

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