Welcome to #ircpuzzles!

We are an IRC-based puzzle game.

Our home is currently in #ircpuzzles on Libera.Chat

We host the annual April Fool's Puzzle and Challenges every year on April 1st as part of our celebration for April Fool's Day.

Answers are keys to channels and individuals progress from the first level to the final level.

Join / Connect

You can join via LiberaChat's webchat or via your default IRC client.


Prior to #ircpuzzles, a yearly festival of puzzles was created and managed by freenode staff.

yano participated among other staff in the adventure for several years, from 2012 to 2014.

In 2013, due to an overwhelming amount of volunteers and individuals who wanted to contribute, yano created #ircpuzzles.

#ircpuzzles was created as a way to run and manage future April Fool's Day competitions from non-freenode staff.

In 2014, #ircpuzzles held its first annual April Fool's Day Puzzle Competition. And #ircpuzzles has been hosting a yearly competition every April 1st since then.

In 2021, during the freenode transition, we migrated to Libera.Chat for our new home.

2022: Our first April Fool's on Libera.Chat.

And the rest is history.

Updated: 2024-03-27 by 'yano'